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What Does it Contain?

Understanding IoT (Internet of Things):

Simply put, this is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other).

IoT -through smart home and office automation-empowers your smartphone or a dedicated hub to control the temperature, lighting, security, access, home entertainment and more at a touch of a button, voice command or gesture.

Why Smart Automation in our Living spaces:

The true value of the Internet of Things is not about just controlling the temperature via your phone or being able to secure your home remotely, it is about how these devices learn about your habits and improve the overall efficiency with time giving you a complete smart living experience.

Helpbit offers a simple Smart Home experience:

Helpbit provides a one stop shop for end consumers who are looking for a standalone or end to end Smart home solution.

At Helpbit our service providers install and integrate your smart home gadgets to create a complete smart experience in your home or office which results in increased energy efficiency and greater home security.

Additionally, our experts will educate customers about how to use their newly installed devices, to ensure the smoothest smart experience for users.