Frequently Asked Questions

Use the info below to get in touch with us.

1 How do I find a service provider in my area?

It’s easy. Type what kind of service you’re looking for on our homepage. Once we understand what you need, we’ll need to know your location. After that you’ll see all the service providers in your area. Then you can select a

2 What’s the difference between Onsite and Collect and Return?

If you choose to get your service ‘Onsite’, your chosen service provider will arrive at your door, on time, and with all the equipment they need to get the job done. Choosing ‘Onsite’ means that you will only see service providers covering your area. If you choose ‘Collect and Return’, we’ll send a trusted courier to collect your item and take it to the service provider. The courier will return it to you after the service is completed.

3 Can the service provider or courier come to my office or a different address?

Absolutely, they can go to your home, office, your mom’s house - anywhere. Tell us where you need them to be, and they’ll be there.

4 Where do you have service providers?

Our service providers are in the UAE and the KSA. We are looking forward to expand in the near future and We are working tirelessly to find the best service providers in all the areas of the Middle East.

6 What are tickets?

You can open a ticket for any service request. For example, if you’re unhappy with service quality, if you disagree with a price change or would like to cancel your order. Your service provider will respond to your ticket as soon as they can.

7 I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel a service request?

Yes, you can cancel if the service provider has not yet begun working on your service request. We understand that plans change and we want you to have peace of mind when using Login and go to ‘My Service Requests’. Find the service you want to cancel and click ‘View’. Open a new ticket called ‘Cancellation Request’. The service provider will be notified immediately and will approve the request IF work has not yet begun.

8 When do I pay?

You only pay when your service is completed. When it’s completed, we pay the service provider using the details you provided.

9 Why do you need my card info before I pay?

Having a verified payment method ensures that customers have a way to pay for the service providers they hire. This helps protect customers and service providers against fraud and keeps Helpbit a safe place for both.

10 Is payment secure?

Our payment system is extremely secure. All payments on the checkout page are processed through secure SSL connections to encrypt credit card numbers and customer account information. We use 3-D Secure which recreates the high level of security of a physical payment environment by requesting payment authentication. Every step of the payment process is safe and secure for everyone involved.

11 How do I rate a service provider?

When the service is completed you will be prompted to give a rating. Accurate ratings help other customers make a good decision.

12 I’m unhappy with the service I received. What should I do?

First, know that we’re really sorry you received poor service – it’s completely unacceptable. Open a new ticket to file your complaint. Helpbit will ensure a timely response from the service provider. All correspondence is logged and your complaint remains open until we can reach a full resolution. We work closely with our customers and service providers to resolve problems swiftly, but complicated issues might take some time. Your happiness is our number one priority, so you can rest assured that we are working hard to find a resolution.

13 I want a refund. What should I do?

Open a new ticket to file your complaint. We will investigate the situation. If the service provider was at fault we will make a full or partial refund.

14 Can I change my account details like my address, name and password?

Yes, of course. Login to your account and select "Edit Profile".

16 Who sees my profile picture? Why should I upload one?

Your profile picture is completely optional – you can choose to upload one, or leave it blank. Your chosen service providers will see your profile picture when you communicate.

17 I forgot my password…

Never mind, these things happen. Click here to reset it.